Gothic Cake Smash

Red, black gotic Cake Smash Photography for babies and family’s in Whitchurch Hampshire

Gothic Cake Smash and how the set got designed.

The Gothic red and black cake smash was designed especially for a customer. I love doing cake smashes and – even better – I also get to do the set design that will match your personality. I had a lovely client contact me to ask if I could do a gothic theme for them. It really started to get me excited as this was so different to what I normally create. We both knew we were on the same lines as I was giving suggestions and the client was saying “yes that’s exactly what I want!”

We both went away and did some investigations on Gothic cake smash ideas and we were really surprised to find there were few designs out there.

The client created a Pinterest board and went away and found things she liked that she found related to Gothic ideas. I had a good look around at the boards and took different sections from each board to create this stunning set.

On the day, I asked my friend Caroline to come to the studio with me and help me set up. We had such a laugh and both were so excited as it came to life – I just wanted the clients to arrive so they could see it! I knew how pleased they would be.

It took Caroline and myself an hour to set up and then we were ready to go. Not long after we finished, the client arrived and I took them into the studio – I wish I could have recorded their reactions! They loved it and were overwhelmed that I had realised their vision fully. It was so lovely to hear – it really gave me a buzz.

Red, black gotic with a cake in the setup – Cake Smash Photography for babies and family’s in Whitchurch Hampshire

The cake was brought in by the customer – I do have someone that now makes cakes for cake smashes but the client knew exactly what she wanted.

The cake was three red velvet cakes stacked on top of each other and then covered with butter cream and flowers on the top. I supplied the cake stand and added the roses around it. We all agreed that we couldn’t have planned the theme better.

If you are looking for a cake smash and have a theme in mind or want to chat and come up with something that is unique to you – please do contact me. I love creating something special for you and this can be seen in my photographs.